What We Do

Rythmicolour has a team of artists who work on small and large scale projects in the public art and street art scenes with over ten years’ experience. Rythmicolour has professional working relationships with an extensive network of artists across Queensland and Australia who they can draw on for different projects. This tailors the best artists suited to each individual project. Rythmicolour only uses the highest quality materials to bring out high quality murals. Rythmicolour also has Environmental and Quality Management Plans in place to ensure the client receives a mural with a professional finish.


Client Engagement

Rythmicolour Collective is run by artists working in the industry – which means you have direct contact with the artist run project management and lead artists. Our core team of artists and assistants all have varied experience in high quality mural outcomes, client engagement, community and youth engagement, design, photography and follow up reporting.


Community Engagement.

Rythmicolour has extensive experience in providing community engagement around the potential outcomes of projects, we provide this for various community groups, schools and the like involved. With the core group of Rythmicolour having experience in community engagement and interactive workshops we as artists will do the engagement to be sure outcomes are achievable. The team hold current Blue Cards for youth workshops.

We also provide a community engagement report for clients.



Rythmicolour is committed to staying safe onsite ALL of the time, and has a Safety Management Plan in place. Rythmicolour produces site specific Safety Work Method Statements for all major projects.

Rythmicolour has developed a culture of safety within the team, conducting daily prestart and artists meeting daily.

Founding Artists and Artists that work with us have Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance, White Cards and EWP cards as needed.


Mural Management

Rythmicolour can provide Anti-vandalism coatings – whether they are sacrificial, semi sacrificial, or permanent.

We can also provide maintenance manuals and instructions and / or provide support with management of murals after the completion of project to ensure the life of the artwork.



Rythmicolour is equipped with all the gear necessary to complete high quality murals, and in the event we don’t, Rythmicolour is experienced with the handling and hire of equipment onsite in a safe manner. Team members and Artists that work with us have White Cards and EWP cards as needed.


Skillset and themes

Illustration (Concept design, mock up – custom)

Realism – Portraits and Animals

Naturalistic Elements

Abstract/Geometric Designs

Creative Sign writing (Traditional, Modern Methods – Graffiti and Street)

Stencil pattern works

Free- hand (free style)


Large and small scale works of many themes Rythmicolour will ensure the best artist for the works.