Mooloolaba Mural Project
Anywhere Theatre Festival, 2018

This project was selected to be a part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival on the Sunshine coast in 2018. The project idea was to build and create an interactive visual installation composed of oceanic themed artwork with soundscapes. A wooden cube consisting of 3 sides, a breathable fabric roof and open hinged panel door, was transformed into an outdoor art installation for the community to experience. Both outside and inside got painted based on our own artistic interpretation of the wonders of the unexplored depths of our coastal oceans. Adding to the visuals, a sound aspect was incorporated creating a diverse experience of interaction. Using Fluro paint and darkening the space inside, a black light torch was also given and used to explore, listen and interact with the creations inside. The outside was a different visual experience based on our oceans. It was free to the public to enjoy.

This project was also created as a performance piece for the Anywhere Theatre festival on the Sunshine Coast in May, 2018. The main activities included, design, building, creating, installing and interaction with the local

community. It was a community minded project that offered a chance to see a public mural come to life from start to finish. Creating an artistic installation of visuals and soundscapes for the community to experience, involving any interest to take part and participate/experience another level of creation inside of this project. This project aimed to activate a community space with an interactive new performance for the public to experience. We hoped to make a strong impact and influence future generation of artists to create positive messages through artwork, whilst creating environmental awareness and developing thought into maintaining our beautiful coastline.

Council funding was obtained through the Radf grant scheme, to help this project come to life.