Professional Mural Artist

David Houghton is a professional mural artist from the Sunshine Coast who works in communities throughout Australia.

20+ Years Experience

He has over 20 years experience in public art, and has produced a diverse range of creative commissions including photo realistic portraits, scenic underwater, flora and fauna murals, modern contemporary pieces and vibrant street art. He was  the Principal Contractor, Project Co-Ordinator and Lead Artist for Moreton Bay Rail Link Public Art Project.

David Houghton

About David Houghton

David Houghton is a multi-disciplined, mural focused artist that originates from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

  • I initiate, run and manage projects from small to large scale works.
  • I am available for both public and private murals.
  • I can facilitate community workshops, development programs and education based interactive programs.
  • When I am undertaking a project you will have direct contact with me.
  • My skill-set is broad and I can cover a lot of ground in terms of style, skill and influence. As a mural artist I have traditional fine arts training, and also significant experience based background.
  • I am based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD but travel frequently and  work Australia-wide.

Do you need a Mural Artist?

Get in touch with me today and I can help make your mural project come to life. I can assist with everything from project planning all the way through to the completion of the mural.

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