Professional Mural Artists

Rythmicolour is a collective of professional mural artists who work in communities throughout Australia.

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About Rythmicolour Collective

Rythmicolour Collective is a multi-disciplined, mural focused arts collective that originates from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

  • We initiate, run and manage projects from small to large scale works.
  • We are available for both public and private murals.
  • We can facilitate community workshops, development programs and education based interactive programs.
  • Rythmicolour Collective is run by artists and you will have direct contact with these artists.
  • Our skill-set is broad and we cover a lot of ground in terms of style, skill and influence. As mural artists we have varying art backgrounds, including traditional fine arts training, self taught artists and significant experience based backgrounds.
  • Our members are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and Melbourne, VIC, and work Australia-wide.

Do you need a Mural Artist?

Get in touch with us today and we can help make your mural project come to life. We can assist with everything from project planning all the way through to the completion of the mural.

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